Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One Good Day

It was One Good Day. One really Good Day.

It was a hot Saturday, but sunny and a little breezy. I woke up refreshed. Refreshed!! Not groggy and grumpy. I drove home to Delaware very early in the day, enjoying the wonderful stories on National Public Radio and the light traffic on I-95. I picked up warm muffins and a newspaper (everyone in the store was so friendly), and treated myself to a Starbucks (finally – good strong coffee!) with a shot of espresso. I then sat at our breakfast table with my husband enjoying the view of the trees and the birds. Everything was so green and crisp and in focus.

That One Good Day seemed so perfect that I wanted to sit outside and enjoy the coffee, muffins, paper, and weather. But we had no porch furniture because I’m usually too tired to do any shopping and porch furniture is not a high priority. But I went shopping. I WENT SHOPPING! I went with my husband and he and my unusual energy and good mood kept us going until we found:

Good Porch Furniture…for the One Good Day…
at an incredibly cheap price to boot!

We had to return one chair which had broken, but I was still 'up' for the trip back to the store. We put the furniture on the back porch and I found our old porch-table umbrella in the basement. Then we sat on our porch under our umbrella in our new chairs watching the birds and listening to the tree frogs and eating fresh watermelon.

I felt alive and truly present.

I was even able to stay up after dark and watch TV and did not go to bed until an hour normally reserved for adults. All without a nap and all without doubling my fatigue medication.

Unfortunately, that One Good Day didn't last. It reminds me of a book I read in high school called "Awakenings" by neurologist Oliver Sacks where catatonic patients who were treated with a new drug came out of their paralyzed state for a little while and were very much aware and functioning. But the treatments didn't last long for one patient in particular, and he eventually returned to his catatonic state with full awareness of his return. The book was later made into a movie of the same name starring Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams. My One Good Day only lasted one day. The next day, I was back to my normal self, imprisoned in my tight cocoon of fatigue.

But it was all worth it for that
One Good Day

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