Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brain Potholes

Results of my latest MRI: No change from last year. So that's two years with no change. Yet I continue to see a decline in functioning (an increase in fatigue and a decline in right leg strength), thus lending credibility to the fact that MRI results may not necessarily be indicative of level of disability.

In 2003, I had a goose in my brain. In 2006, I have potholes:

I participated in a web-based lecture last month (Anatomy of an MS Attack) and the speaker noted that when there are lesions in the brain, the brain can often figure out alternative routes or pathways (like detours around potholes or road closures). But if there is a lesion in the spinal cord, there are no alternatives around it. So there can be a lot of lesions in the brain and the patient could see little disability; but one lesion in the spinal cord could cause significant disability. I have a moderate amount of lesions in my brain, but only one lesion in my spinal cord. is a good resource for information, and they are hosting another lecture on August 23rd titled "MS and Stress" at 8:30 pm EST.
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  1. Looks more like going from a "goose" to random goose droppings! LOL

    Yeah, "good" news never felt so crappy if you ask me...I try to stray away from the "no change on the MRI" reports (which BTW, I've never HAD that report...there's always something new brewing in my brain unfortunately) because it makes me feel like maybe my symptoms are all in my head...and, they are not...they're all in my SPINE, too! LOL

    Linda D. in Seattle