Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fatigue - Some links

Over the last three years, my MS fatigue has caused me to use over 250 hours of sick leave, and about half that much vacation time. I think it is time to reduce my work week, although that requires a reduction in pay. For some reason, one person has not approved my request to reduce my hours. I don't know if he has 'DISapproved' or if he just hasn't gotten around to approving it or if he just needs more information. So I thought I should compile a set of links for him and anyone else who is trying to explain or understand this incredibly invisible and horrific symptom of MS.

I have not "scrubbed" this list to confirm accuracy, but will work on that soon. If you have some good links, please share.

These are in no particular order, but this is the brochure from the MS Society:
1. National MS Society Sourcebook on Fatigue
2. National MS Society Brochure on Managing Fatigue

Other links:


  1. Great list! Not sure if I should say, "I'm sorry" about your changing work week or "Good for you"?!? Such conflicting feelings when MS causes us to have to make changes...

    And BTW, I've got you beat on those sick hours! 250 in 3 years? Light weight...I bet I've used 250 a YEAR in the past 3 years...LOL (Guess I shouldn't be laughing or proud, eh?!?)

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. Although this person doesn't have MS, she does have an autoimmune-related disease and the "Spoon Theory" helps put the fatigue factor in everyday experience:

  3. you always have such great info. on your site. i definitely want to look at these links and save them.

  4. These is great info. I just found your site and am thrilled with all the info. THANKS!!!