Monday, November 19, 2007

Not-So-Obvious Things I’m Thankful For

Yes, I am thankful for the obvious things that I do not take for granted:
My husband/caregiver/best friend/comic relief, my supportive family (biological and on-line), my caring community, my food and shelter, my ability to read, my medical insurance. I realize that my health could be worse. For these I am thankful every day.

But I want to note the often overlooked things I’m giving thanks for this week. These are things that have been invented since I was born, or weren’t commonly available when I was in high school:
1. That re-adherable, not-real-sticky glue that has given us post-it notes and panty liners and other wonderful things that we now take for granted.
2. Answering machines (do you remember what it was like before them?!!)
3. Snooze alarms
4. E-mail (do you remember what it was like before this?!!)
5. NASA TV which lets me watch space shuttle astronauts
6. Velcro
7. Automatic garage door openers
8. Photocopying machines (aka Xerox machines) – In elementary school we used to get copies made from ‘ditto’ machines. Very messy, purplish things.
9. Word processing computers. Remember manual typewriters, carbon paper, and white-out liquid? Although I do miss hearing that little bell chime when I get to the end of a line…
10. Calculators. Portable ones that don’t need batteries or cords and fit in my pocket.
11. Home computers with digital cable speed; while I'm there, include cable TV because I never got the hang of rabbit ears.
12. Did I mention panty liners? Wonderful things!
13. Powerful blow dryers. I don't miss sitting under the bonnet.

Your turn!


  1. This is really depressing because this is something that became available after I was born. Air conditioners! Yes, when I was young, we didn't have window air conditioners, let alone whole house air or....or....are you ready for this? We didn't have air conditioners in our cars either! And I'm still alive!!! hahaha And how about CD players and mini headphones so you can listen to something other than what everyone else is listening to. And how about the keyless remotes for cars to 1)Open them or 2) start them for you to warm them up in the winter. I personally don't have one of those but hmmmmmmm, would really like one! haha And lets not forget cell phones! And digital camers! I spent a fortune on film developing before digitals came out.
    One more thing I'm grateful for is all of the people who have become my sister's support group who also have MS. You have all become a vital role in her healing, dealing, and surviving MS. To everyone of you, I thank God for you being a part of her life.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm with Giggles on the AC ... never had it till I bought my own home. Now, I cannot imagine living without it!

  3. Great list! I have to agree about the panty liner issue, but probably not for the same reason...when I run out of PostIt's, they make great message pads!!! LOL

    Happy T-Day

    Linda D. in Seattle

  4. I definitely second the AC bit. This summer I had central AC for the first time (used the window units before) and man , I am telling you, what a relief from the hellish temperatures New England summers boil up to …. 105 outside versus a nice 69 inside …A no brainer .
    I am also very aware of the great connection the Internet facilitates . It’s very easy to slip into self pity , depression and what not without the support of people facing the same monkey on their back ….