Thursday, February 7, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis Sucks (dot com)

I want to thank the clever anonymous writer at

Although I have had this site on my blog list for a while, I confess that I haven’t spent a lot of time there before tonight. Maybe because I feel caught in a rip current, I was somehow drawn to this incredible site.

It is well written and exactly what I need during my Pollyanna overdose period. But I can’t wax poetic or he will think I’m a Resident Cynic. I am, but won’t admit it. And I am a major Douglas Adams fan (may he rest in peace at Milliways).

I recommend that you check out his latest essay: Coping with Adversity in an Epistemologically Fractal Universe: The tale of the Red Beetle, the Blue Beetle, the Cyan Fern Leaf of Life, and the Great Earwig.

Instead of the Spoon Theory, there is his Beer Theory.


  1. i absolutely love his site...this was one of the first sites i read from start to finish before getting my diagnosis. i love a person who tells it like it is.

  2. Oh wow, Thanks for popping that site up here. It's a real eye opener because I also think I suffer from the polyanas as well.

  3. Hehe...I've had his bumper sticker on my car for about 3 years now! Love it!

    Linda D. in Seattle

  4. Love his site, but the forum link sent me to Jr High Hell. So fun to say MS SuckS

  5. callie just came home from work and made me read some of his posts and I thought they were great and so close to the truth that it made me understand some of the comments people have made to us since callie diagnosed

    PS thanks for putting the link on your blogroll you are very kind


  6. Long Time Fan of Beer/Spoon theory ... just don't try to demonstrate with 25oz pilsner.

  7. hello...just stopping by to wish you a happy hearts day!

  8. I LOVE that site. I have shared his Beer Theory with everyone I know. The spoon theory was okay...but the Beer Theory ROCKS!

    If you can't laugh at MS, what are ya gonna do??

    Although I have known about the site ever since I was searching for possible website names and found it taken (doh!) I'd forgotten what a kick I got out of reading it...adding him to my blog link list now!