Monday, March 3, 2008

And Exhale...

The visit to the psychiatrist was good – PHEW! He immediately recognized that I’m not depressed. He determined this by asking me, “Are you depressed?” (Duh!)

I had a sample paint strip (from the hardware store) showing shades of blue, and explained that I’ve experienced most of these shades of depression but am in the light blue/white area right now. Within five or ten minutes he said that my fatigue is caused by the MS, and I suspect he was silently asking, “Why are you here wasting my time?”

He did continue to talk with me and collected additional data to support that thought, including my past histories of being fatigued while on depression medication (another dead giveaway, apparently). I caved in to his no-pressure no-nonsense approach, though, and agreed to give Ritalin a try. He sold me by explaining that I should take ½ of the lowest dose only "PRN" (apparently doctor lingo for AS NEEDED). Unlike other meds, I don’t have to take this every day to build up a level in my system, which means this should not affect my sleep (in theory). I like the idea of popping an upper when I absolutely need to have extra spoons (or beers) in my pocket, but leave them alone when I am able to take naps and manage fatigue in a natural way. I did appreciate one thing he said, “You need to listen to your body.” I think I’m in love.

I haven’t started the meds yet, so I don’t know if this will make my system hum and vibrate like coffee does, if this will make me anxious like the previous meds, or if this will make me think I’m Wonder Woman, which I am by the way. Thank you all for your words of encouragement, and now stay tuned for more exciting adventures from Wonder Woman in Wonderland.


  1. Good for you! Sounds like your visit was exactly what you needed to feel and to hear! Cheers, my friend, for making it through a very nerve racking event...

    Linda D. in seattle

  2. I am so glad the doc was receptive and recognized your condition for what it really is. Whew!

    Regarding Ritalin, I passed on it when it was offered. Instead - for energy when that 2PM slump comes or for days when I know I have a busy schedule - I use a diet patch which dispenses its medicine over time. I personally use Le' Patch which is reasonably priced at $35.00 for three month supply of 90 patches. I get them at - click on Le' Patch then click FAQ's and read the literature on them.

    I haven't lost weight using them because I don't use them every day, just when I know I am in for a hectic day or when I have to be alert for the part of the day when I am usually fatigued.

    Just a thought to share. Glad everything went ok with the appt.

  3. Anne - I mentioned this to the doctor, and he said that in our state there are legal issues with using diet drugs for improving energy. But since you don't use a prescription, that's probably not a problem, and whose gonna know?

    I will confess that I don't like either option. But life doesn't always give us choices that we like.