Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"It's the MS, Stupid!"

I'm stealing from the Clinton 1992 campaign phrase, "It's the Economy, Stupid!" That phrase was posted in Clinton campaign headquarters to remind people about the candidate's basic message and to stay focused and on point. A similar phrase, "Keep it simple, Stupid!" also help people stay focused on the point.

So I need a poster in my room that says, "It's the MS, Stupid!" I can't believe that I continue to look for reasons other than MS for my quirky health problems, specifically fatigue. No wonder doctors don't get it - I've steered them in opposite directions when I've gone to them complaining about fatigue. I've asked for blood work, check the thyroid, how are my hormone levels, am I anemic. When you ask someone to look for a fire in the western sky, don't be surprised when they don't find it in the kitchen in the east. (That doesn't make sense but I'm not hitting the backspace.)

So this is a message to me (I do read my own blog): Joan, it's the MS, stupid!

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  1. It's only human to want to blame an understandable reason. MS isn't easy to understand. I, too, automatically blamed your fatique on you possibly doing too much for your remodeling My first thought should have been your MS. So, you are human! And since I'm your sister, I won't ever admit again that you are human!! You will always have cooties! hahaha

  2. Cooties?!? Giggles, you make me...well...giggle!

    How about rearranging the words in your campaign slogan to, "It's the Stupid MS!" Somehow that seems to place blame more rightly in my mind because I find YOU far from stupid...and, in the infamous words of PeeWee Herman..."I know you are, but what am I?!?" LOL

    Linda D. in Seattle

  3. Hi, I apologize for the 'form' letter but it is the easiest way to pass word most quickly.

    I am thrilled with the response to the MS Blogger project started at my blog, Brass and Ivory. I appreciate all those who took time to post about it on their blogs. I have discovered even more bloggers who have MS, whether they blog about the MS or not. A new listing is available at MS Blogger Community Project Revised.

    Secondly, I'm looking for submissions for next week's Carnival of MS Bloggers. Information can be found at the end of each issue archived at Carnival of MS Bloggers. What I'm looking for this week are posts related to creativity. I discovered so many new bloggers who quilt, or knit, or crochet, or write, or photograph, etc. Basically, what do you do to express yourself?

    Thank you so much for participating.

    Lisa Emrich

    P.S. I also apologize for any increased 'spamming' of blog comments due to my growing linklist of bloggers with MS. For that I am sincerely sorry.

  4. I can relate. Over the holidays, I ran low on some arthritis meds and then suffered some intense pain/stiffness in my legs/ankles/hips. I thought, "oh boy, this stuff must actually work." Then it passed after a week.

    Then I saw my rheumatologist and was explaining how my knees were very stiff/weak causing my thighs to not do their jobs. Answer - no fluid on the knees. Question - what are you doing to exercise your thighs. Suggestion - specific exercises which were REALLY hard.

    Increasing difficulty getting up/down and out of chairs/cars. Old familiar numbness returning and growing and not going away. Start to lean to the right and bump into things. Old elephant starts to stand on my face again.

    Hmmmm....all these things not going away. the MS nurse, get in, and get hooked up with the IVSM.

    Looking was like...the arthritis sure is acting up! NOT.

    It's all a learning experience.