Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Heat is On! (and so is the air conditioning)

We’ve had two days of temps in the low 80’s, which is above average for the mid-Atlantic in April. This has given me a chance to test-drive the air conditioning as well as my hot weather coping strategies for dealing with the “summer symptoms” like rubber leg. And fatigue.

I will start looking at cooling vests now that I’ve been warned (or should I say "warmed").

My personal strategies include:

Ice cream!
Running errands early in the morning and staying in the rest of the day
Dressing in cool clothes like shorts or summer dresses and sandals, not tennis shoes with socks (although I can’t wear my brace with sandals, unfortunately)
Ice cream!
Now’s the time to refresh your memory on cooling strategies that YOU might need to get through the next few months.
OR you could just move to Seattle where Linda is shivering.

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  1. Heh. Here in Philly, I've been busting my rear doing lawn work. 80ish and breezy ... perfect weather!