Monday, May 26, 2008

Resting Comfortably

A memorial day to remember: I went to church in the am, came home and made meatballs for the afternoon picnic, grabbed a nap, then drove the 75 miles south to the family picnic. We took my car because the gas mileage of the Contour is much higher than the truck. The picnic was great: wonderful weather, great food, terrific company, fun overall. Too tired to drive back, so The Husband obliged. Traffic was light, I watched the stars overhead.

Got through the toll booth on I-95, the car stalled and started to smoke. Stuck in the lane, unable to get to the shoulder. Called AAA. Police came (very helpful). The Husband managed to get the car to start long enough to get out of traffic. Flares were lit, tow truck arrived, drove us all home. Tow truck deposited car in the driveway. Husband deposited me on the couch.

Morning. I am still exhausted. Visited our patient in the driveway. Car has oil, just a little low on radiator fluid. Poked and peered under the hood. Scratched our heads. Peeked under the car. Things don’t look good there – what is that thing hanging down? Looks like something blew out. All service stations closed today (holiday). Car starts, no weird noises. Backed into the garage. Back to bed for afternoon nap.

Both of us are resting comfortably.


  1. Maybe the car just had an "MS" moment??? (Misfiring System)

    Glad you are resting now...sounds like a busy weekend.

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. you need a holiday to recover from the holiday. LOL Take care

  3. Poor car ... poor you. Hope both recover quickly ... mostly you.