Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's good that you don't expect daily posts from me...

...because this week has been unusually busy and (of course) I am unusually tired. Actually, I should say that I am usually tired when I'm unusually busy. Or is it that I am usually tired, usually busy, and unusually completely unaware of either. Or is it that..., oh never mind.

I started swimming at the YMCA (yes, that song is now stuck in YOUR head, too) in an attempt to find an exercise program that won't make me so tired (recommendation from PT program that I finished up last week). WRONG! I started with a program that I can do at my own pace which is loads of fun, but then I can't do anything the rest of the day.

I have a guideline that I normally follow to help me manage fatigue: Only one event per day, and only one event per week. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't play along and the first week of the month tends to be when all group meetings are held, so I had a church worship committee meeting on Sunday, women's spirit group meeting on Tuesday, will have the MS support lunch group on Thursday, will see the neuropsychologist on Friday, and The Husband and I are visiting his sister in NJ on Saturday. And on top of that I swam on Monday and Wednesday. I have broken all my guidelines for energy conservation for this week (and the entire month), and am really paying for it. Today I discovered that I have no emergency food rations for low energy days (aka, Vienna Sausages) so was really caught by surprise when I discovered that there is no food in the house. Oh yeah, and it's been raining all day...

Please send
spoons and beer!



  1. i feel tired just reading your post! you are one busy lady. sorry for my neglectfulness lately. i am just trying to catch up with everyone now.

  2. I hear you. I too am exhausted. I thought I could do at least two things a day and now I wonder... I just started 200 hours of yoga teacher training. I wish that was all I had committed to for the summer. If I must, I will cut something. BTW, how about a yoga tape at homeinstead of all the work of going somewhere to swim? Hang in there lady. Remember, MS is a built-in excuse to draw your boundaries...

  3. Hi Nadja, I've tried yoga and do have some tapes for home use. To be honest, the reason the pool is so tiring is that I'm not following instructions (surprise!). The PT people said to do 15-30 minutes in the pool to start, then slowly build up. I, of course, am trying to do a full 60 minutes already. I will take your recommendation to draw boundaries and stop at the 30-minute mark next week and see how I do.

  4. NJ? Where? Didn't notice NJ roots in his accent.

  5. Hello Mike! He is from Philly but his sister is in an assisted living facility across the river (in Riverton). Further south from "Nork."

  6. "Spoons and beer" THERE'S a combo! LOL Simmer down, now're gonna get all tuckered out with that activity level~

    Linda Seattle