Monday, September 8, 2008

Cause and Effect

I've been hanging out at the very bottom of the energy scale for the last week so haven't posted any new blogs. Yesterday (Sunday) was particularly bad, so I'm really glad that the Steelers' football game was broadcast in my viewing area and they won! And I was thrilled that U of DE's Joe Flacco did a great job as the Ravens' new quarterback (even though I had to follow the game by watching lines move left and right on a picture of a field on And the Eagles won. So all the teams I like to watch provided entertainment while I felt like I was encased in concrete (that's what that darn MS fatigue feels like sometimes).

But I've got lots to talk about because I saw Mamma Mia (the movie) a few weeks ago and it really affected me positively. It reminded me that long ago I used to have fun, which then inspired me to go to the Arden Fair where I saw lots of local artisans and visited a holistic wellness center with terrific doctors and practitioners. That reminded me that a long time ago I used to be more well rounded in my own health treatments, which then inspired me to make appointments with a hypnotist (to help me deal with certain fears that are bothering me), a life coach (to help me deal with my lack of direction), and a chiropractor who follows a unique form of practice called Koren Specific Technique (no cracking!). I had my first adjustment today (Ahhh!) and met a massage therapist which reminded me that massage therapy has been helpful with tingling and numbness in the past (and I have a new flare up now), which led me to set up an appointment with her. All this happened because I saw a good movie!

In the meantime, since I don't feel like writing, I'll just post a picture of a piece of chocolate cake that The Husband brought home a few days ago. It has healing powers. It has been sustaining me for a few days and giving me joy with each slow, sensuous bite. The cake, that is... Enjoy!
Photo credit: Me! I took this photo with low light and the extreme close up function on my relatively new Olympus SP-550 camera (christmas present from The Husband).



  1. That looks like a mousse in the middle of that cake....oh, my.....yum.


  2. So true Joan! We get in a rut and forget to go out and have fun. So glad you did...and that CAKE! Looks like I can grab it off the screen..very yummy! Nuthin' trumps chocolate in my book.

  3. What a gorgeous piece of cake! I've also been taking pictures with a new camera-- mostly of our cat and of the nearby river. I'm glad you're getting inspired to pamper yourself with alternative treatments.

  4. I bought a WHOLE chocolate cake with cherry filling at Shop Rite yesterday and little by little it will be gone before I leave for Niagara Falls on Sunday.

    Chocolate - universal comfort food!

    good photo

  5. My mouth is watering for chocolate now!!! That was truly nice of "The Husband" to bring that home for you.....maybe he can bring that home with him at Christmas.....meaning my house! hahaha I hope that the chocolate brings you happier moods and a higher energy level with each lick of your lips!