Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Different View of 9/11

As we Ameri- cans re- member
9/11/01 in our own ways, let's re- member that our tragedy was felt beyond our borders.

PLEASE read this post by Shauna from Halifax, Canada. It is a moving recollection of the generosity and grace of our neighbors, who had to deal with stranded planes unable to land in the US. As Shauna says, "Halifax became the landing pad for the majority of air travelers on the Eastern seaboard." It is a moving story.
Be warned: you will need a tissue.

Her post is titled simply 9/11.

Thank you, Shauna, from all of us.

If the hyperlinks don't work, the address is:


  1. Thanks, Joan, for bringing this information to our attention. Thank you, Shauna, for your country's support and decency. We are really, above all, human and in need of each others' help.

  2. Joanie, I, too, love the picture you have on this entry. I never saw that one before. Says more than a million words could. And I had no idea that Halifax did what they did. Thanks to all who helped that we've never heard about until now, and to all who we will never hear about. That is such a hard day to remember without getting a lump in our throats and it surely did bring us all together as Americans.

  3. Joan,
    Thanks for the link. I really didn't expect the emotional reaction to the post that it received. I'm glad that my city's story could be told to a wider audience.


  4. I will head over there next! so good to see you.

  5. Joan,

    Thanks for the link to a story I had forgotten all about. Keep all your informative posts coming and send me some CAKE!


  6. hey joan...stop on by...i have an award for you on my site.