Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanks to the Chatters!

Thanks to the ten people who visited the Delaware Area MS Chat last night. I had a fun time and I hope you did, too!

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we won't have a chat on the 4th Friday in November. But be sure to mark you calendar for the next chat on 12 December 2008. I look forward to seeing you then!

To everyone who aced the 'Surviving the Holiday' quiz, here is your prize, as promised:


  1. As Goddess is my witness, I will try to make it in December! Fire a shot over my house or memory is going. LOL

    Linda D. in Seattle

  2. Joan, I'm terrible at tests but love presents! Maybe next time you feel like picking our brains, could you come early and put a number under our seat or something for a door prize? lol Seriously, you made it interesting, informative, and most of all, FUN!. I know you passed the test, Joan, but you had the answers! j/k I think Jen passed it, too. Was I the only one who didn't? (Don't answer that, please!) lol

    I always feel uplifted after our Friday chats, and hope everyone else does, too. It's much needed, Joan, and I want to take this opportunity to let you know just how much you are appreciated. (((((Joan))))) It takes lots of preparation on your part and I don't know what I (we) would do without you to keep us going. I hope we do the same for you.

    Your new friend from Ohio,


  3. How can I get a picture to put on my comments? I love yours Brain Cheese. I tried to copy and paste it, but it didn't work. LOL

  4. Hey Joan and Taggie--

    Thanks for the merlot, chat room goddess. I'm running short here. I think this is a deserved reward for that darned quiz.

    Taggie-- what you can do is join Blogger (do you already have a blog?) and add a photo of your choice. Go to the homepage of Blogger and complete a profile. You don't even need to start a blog. I had to do this because my website is through WordPress. My profile leads others back to my own website. Come visit me, Taggie, and humor me some more...

    Jen from Jersey

  5. Taggie - You need to set up a Google account, then you will be able to add a picture. In the window where you type your comments, it should give you an option to create an account.

  6. Joan--

    I’m still thinking about this: you can also plan such a venture for profit, and still include your friends. I know we can make a bit on top of disability insurance, so you could plan your venture accordingly, and spread the work among yourself and your friends who might also be looking for something to do.

  7. I need to come to your chats! Sounds like a lot of fun. That wine sure looks good. I think I will have some in your honor.

  8. Oh! I'm sorry I missed the chat! I'll see if I can do the December one - I have a good excuse though - I was in Jamaica getting married! :)

    Great prize, I better take the quiz!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Joan! Let everyone take care of YOU (you so deserve it.)