Friday, January 30, 2009

Information Overload Solved? Well, maybe...

Alltop, all the top stories

A Short in the Cord is now featured on Alltop: All The Top Multiple Sclerosis News as are many of my favorite MS sites (and a few I never saw before). Alltop is a site that aggregates (collects) related information, making it easier to filter the tremendous amount of data available on the web.

I like their motto: aggregation without aggravation. It's an easy way to see the top five posts of many MS blogs.

Check it out at



  1. I'm already having problems with information overload, Joan! I checked out the site--- interesting way of showcasing blogs. But I'm glad I've already found you here and can come right on over for a cup o' coffee (or wine if need be!...)

    See ya on Facebook...

  2. Way cool! Even better than seeing your name in the phone book for the first time!!!

    Linda D. in Seattle