Saturday, January 31, 2009

Put on Your Sunday Best

Get ready for Super Bowl Sunday!


  1. Oh my gosh, Joan--- SO CUTE! MY family is still in denial about the Giants (except my dad who is in deeper denial about the Patriots...)

  2. I second the cuteness!!!

    Would I be ostracized if I were to root for the underdogs?

  3. I had one of those Steelers jerseys years ago...but it was really only because I liked the colors! **Ducking for cover**

    You're darlin' as we say in the south.

    Linda D. in Seattle

  4. That is quite an adorable picture of you, Joan, but you'd look much better in the Cleveland Brown's colors! >>>>>>>>>>>running

    Lisa, I'm just thankful the Steelers aren't playing the Browns or I, for sure, would be ostricized from this chat room with you! lol YIKES, I think both Joan and Jen just slapped me up both sides of my head!!

    (Just funnin' with you all.)

    P.S. Congratulations on becoming a part of Alltop, Joan. That is one great idea which will save lots of time looking in my favorites for my MS sites.

    NOTE: An error has just occured, so if this comment is published twice, it's Joan's fault! lol

  5. ok ok

    so, at the viewing party I'll probably do "squares" and root for whomever might win me a few bucks at the end of each quarter/game.

    Is that better?

    (ouch, I think I just got pinched by Jen, followed by a finger thump)

    Go steelers.

  6. Um, I'm really just in it for the food.....Y'all are SOOOOOOO serious...! LMAO

  7. Geeze, I go away for a few hours and look at the mahem!

  8. Joan, you should know better than to leave us alone here for even a few minutes! lol

    (Sheepishly sayin', congrats on your team's win, Joan & Jen & Lisa. Sure wish I'd had placed a bet on them.)

    Luvs ya'll lots,


    P.S. You thought we were all serious, Jen????? Even fooled you! lol

  9. Hope you enjoyed the game, Joan! I think CRAZY Taggie just posted minutes before me-LOL! Our own camp was hoping for either team to win, no preference. We were even turning towards the Cardinals because they were doing so well towards the end.

    In the last few minutes it was all a matter of who had what box for the pool---seriously....But I'm glad your favored team won...

    'bye 'bye...

    PS: This is such a long-running comment section. Is is because we're chatters?..