Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where did all this stuff come from???

Better question: Where am I going to put it all?

A few weeks ago, I finally found a dining room set that I (we) like and placed the order. Then The Husband and I realized that we've always used the dining room as a holding area for our stuff (polite phrase for Junk Room), so went to work to clean it out. BUT, we first had to clean out the basement to make room to put some of this stuff from the Junk Room. What a mess! As we were cleaning out the basement, we went through a lot of worthless, but sentimental, stuff.

Some fun junk that we found:
  1. My employee in-processing folder from my company that I joined 20 years ago
  2. Copaxone injection logs from the past nine years (why was I saving those??)
  3. The Husband's entire income tax records from since he started working (and he is retired)
  4. DOS books (remember dot prompts and black screens? Ah, those were the days)

Once the dining room is cleared out, I've got to work on de-cluttering the guest room, and then my 'office.' I wonder what I'll find there?

What interesting things are you holding on to? If you had to clean out your junk room, what would you find?



  1. Well we are reorganizing the basement next week so I'll keep you posted :)

  2. I can't wait to ditch some paper recyclables myself. I have to tie and bag them first. All over the pantry right now...

  3. This is our time of the year to empty out the filing cabinet (read closet sized). Hubby likes to throw away everything with last year's date on it and I like to keep 3 months worth (in case I need to dispute a bill or something).

    Then it is on to organizing the TAXES folder (the expandable kind) to get ready for the accountant, which is submitted somewhere around end of March (because it takes that long to organize it all).

    I was shocked when our accountant told me last year that I was one of a few he could count on his hand who organized (and itemized on legal pad paper) our deductions and line items for him. He said most people just put all their JUNK in a box and hand it to him to sort out. I guess that's why our taxes only cost $100 fee, while others tell me they pay upwards of $200 to their accountants.

    I guess there is a benefit to being "somewhat" organized, but it took his statement for me to realize it.

    Good luck sorting out the junk.

  4. Bodies, Joan...I'm afraid I might discover bodies. LOL

    Linda D. in Seattle

  5. Don't even have a clue. But I do know that I finally parted with every single college tuition bill and statement from 1986-1998 within the past two years. That and phone bills, bank statements for accounts which had been closed, deposit slips, etc, etc.

    I think you get the idea of what else I just might find if I go looking.

  6. Well Aunt Joan, You have more will power than I. I would need to start motivating myself like a year before I even decided to declutter any room in this But the basement is on my list as soon as the weather gets warmer and possible I may find a body down there. I don't believe the meter reader ever came back up...lmao

  7. Hi Kerron! It's so good to hear from you! Now, if I can just get Uncle Tedd to dump his beanie babies, antiques (not me), records, toys, glass bottles, and all the other "collectibles" that he loves to hang onto, then I'd have a LOT more room. But I'll settle for a dining room set!
    Love, Joan

  8. Beanie Babies!?!

    Joan, my dad was a crazy BB collector for years. He eventually stopped and has sense given me multiple containers of them. He wanted to stop cold-turkey. I have no idea how many I have stored away, but it's a lot.

    That's so funny. Your hubby has beanie babies. Kinda Cool.

  9. Actually, my basement is in darn good shape since I cleaned 90% of it before I was diagnosed with MS last year. What's left will be easy to pitch out. It's the painting that needs to be done and I'm no Leonardo Di'Vinci!! LOL