Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And Now for the Electric Shock Therapy

Just when I thought the leg pain was intense, my body showed me that the leg pain is nothin'!
The L'Hermittes Sign hit me with a vengance.

L'Hermittes is that electric shock, that lightning bolt of pain that runs through my body when I move my head, especially when I look down. It's probably caused by lesions in the spinal cord.

WOW! Do they hurt. But only for a few seconds. There's that wonderful positive attitude again, right?

At least this has taken my mind off the leg pain...

Yes, being positive really sucks...


  1. yes, it does. :-)

    my mom always says look for the silver lining, and believe me, i get it.

    i saw the ad for "The Secret".

    but hey, sometimes it's just cloudy and silver becomes irrelevant.

    i DID chuckle with your post, not the pain, rather the punchline.


    thanks for the post.


  2. Um, Joan: you need to get your arse to the Bellagio for your birthday so take WHATEVER works for you (I won't even ask) and get ready for your party!!!!

    Really now: get rid of the neuropathy/explosive leg soon, alright?......



  3. Urk ... That is a constant symptom of mine ... as a computer programmer it can be quite distracting.