Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's About to Blow!!!!!

My right leg feels like it is going to explode. This happens every now and then, like when I'm fatigued or feeling like everything is okay. Or when it's sunny or when it's rainy.

Well, when it finally blows up, I won't need my canes or braces any longer.

Hey, how's that for staying positive?

Being positive sucks.


  1. Shall I respond as a sister or as a therapist? Or are they the same? Life does suck...I feel for you...as you know, life is about tolerating pain & shit...& you are good at tolerating shit. Now go out & eat one small after dinner mint & your problems will be over!
    Monty P
    PS When your leg does blow, be careful, you will fall over (more than usual)
    Love You!

  2. Hi Joan from Nancy in Washington State!

    I think you are very brave and clever to post a video and it was perfect! One of our things in common is our birds and backyard critters! The big difference is it looks like you have lovely, wide open spaces. We are on a bit of postage stamp lot however behind us is a migratory area - we get hit up so much for food - my husband takes such great care of them (and me) it will probably be cat food for us as retirement continues (kiddin' I hope!)

    Also, glad to hear someone else gets tired of the old smile on the face at all times (no matter what). I guess that's when your grand chat room comes in handy... everybody understands exactly what you mean. Some days there are just some low lying clouds that follow us around. Seems pretty easy to understand to me!

    Hang in - I always told my kids "things will look better tomorrow". Wonder how that worked out for them... come to think of it???