Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Revised Chat Schedule for the next few weeks

The Delaware Area MS Chats are normally held on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. However, the schedule has changed for the next few weeks.

NO chat on March 27th
NO chat April 10
Chat April 24 (normal chat schedule resumes)


  1. Alas, the Vegas birthday trip was cancelled. :-(

    My husband is still very sick and potentially contagious so we aren't going. I ordered myself a birthday cake and am going to see Spamalot today.

  2. Joan, I was just going to check out your blog when there you had just sent me an email. I was "shocked", to say the least, to read about hubby's illness, you're having to cancel your Vegas trip, your having to clean & disinfect your house all by yourself AND, if that wasn't enough, to learn to be THE caregiver. You need help, Joan, and I wish I lived closer so I could help you out!! I feel terrible for you and Ted but I also know God has you both in His hands and He will be watching over you. I'm happy to know your pastor checked on you and I'm sure your church will be there to help you, now that they will know you need some help. At least they'll be able to send food for you & Ted, and that will be a big help to you for now. Please keep us informed about Ted AND you, and take care of yourself the best you can. Rest assured you and hubby will be in my daily prayers.

    Your friend,

    (((((((((((Joan & Ted))))))))))))

  3. Hey Joan---

    Having taken a sabbatical from too many MS thoughts, talk, and ideations (so I don't lose what's left of my friggin' mind), I am quietly following along and sending peaceful, loving thoughts to you and Tedd.

    However, I am always open to Facebook crappola which diverts my attention and my anger away from the MS.



  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! Good luck on your test, too.

  5. Thanks, Taggie, and hugs back to you!

  6. Joan, I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this stuff right now. Enjoy Spamalot and PLEASE ask for help before you need it.

    Jen, missing you around the MSsphere. BTW what is an MS ideation?

  7. Joan---

    Thanks and also thanks for my "private serenade" on Facebook. I didn't know you were a diva.

    I think the chatroom is alive and kicking. Lisa---you BETTER come back here! LOL

    ****MS ideation: who the f$ck knows?! I pull cr$p out of my a$$ on a daily basis....

    Hugs and kisses,


    PS: Taggie is using that ((((((hug))))) that looks like a bosom. Hi Taggie, you kook-a-boo..

  8. Hi back, Jen!! From one kook-a-boo to another!

    (((((jen)))))) (((((jen))))))

    hee hee hee

    Lisa, I'm glad you asked about the "ideation" word. Best not to question Jen the Webster about her vocab again, though. WOW, what a descriptive gal Jen is!! LMBO

    JOAN.........hoping today finds hubby improving. Prayed for him & you today. Please keep us posted....I know we all care lots for both of you. XOXO

  9. Jen and Joan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH!!! Have a piece of cake for me girls. Jen, what test????

    (((((((((((JEN & JOAN)))))))))))))

    Luvs ya,