Friday, March 13, 2009

Thanks For a Fun Evening, Chatters!

Wow! What an amazing chat, again! There were lots of laughs and SO MANY different topics discussed including:
  1. Pseudobulbar Effect (emotional lability)
  2. Working from Home (check out National Telecommuting Institute at OR Alpine Access at
  3. MS Association of America's Life Coach program (
  4. Medical marijuana
  5. Ways to strengthen resilience (which I'll write up in a later post)
NEXT CHAT 3 April 2009



  1. Oh great, and I missed it all, I JUST now remembered the chat and of course that I am time zone in front of yours---dunce here, no, I blame MS. hahahahaha April 3rd...

  2. I have such insomnia right now that I'm actually awake. Fell asleep and now can't get back. Ahh, such is life.

    Thanks again, Joan. I was thinking about the question of how many GOOD hours I have in a day (not how MANY I have) and I would have to say maybe 8, give or take. Do I count this "awake" hour? lol

    Definitely considering the life coach (to kick my butt in gear...) Now I think I'll diddle away some more time figuring out the new Facebook. JOY!...

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  5. Hi LuisM---

    Ironically, we're friends on Facebook! I looked you up and you're the retired teacher from Hoboken. Yeah, I'm doing pretty well, but I'm also out of the work force and would love to get back out there part-time. But I struggle with beauracracy because I can only maintain 16-20 hours, and then I fall through the Family Medical Leave Act cracks. Annoying. So I get insomnia because of boredom and too much on my mind that regular work seems to control. I've tried Ambien and it DOES help. Usually I just go with the flow or take a mild sedative (like in those in antihistamines.)

    Good luck to you and I'm glad you have coping strategies because MS is definitely a challenge.

    A smile to you---


    PS: HI Joan! Once again chatters are using your comments as a contact point. The honor is all yours....

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  7. Will you let me know how to join in the chat? I have been recently diagnosed with MS (Nov 2008) - for the last 15 years, the docs thought it was vasculitis :D
    I am Sindhu, an editor/writer from India.

  8. Hi Granny, In Second Life my name is Trillian Weatherwax, so we might be related!
    To join the next chat on April 3, 7:00 - 9:30 pm eastern US time, go to this blog and click on Enter My Chat room in the upper right corner. You must have Java enabled for it to run correctly.

  9. I was stripped of my computer Friday Night and given a dose of Damitol!

    Yes, one day I WILL have a Friday night free of woes/work and hit the Del. chat...I feel like I'm missing the good stuff and once again a band nerd in junior high. sigh... :-)

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