Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things Could be Worse...

I don't have to hang onto a cage in the snow pecking on frozen suet for breakfast.

Hang in there, everyone, Spring is coming.
I hope.
Photo note: Red belly woodpecker during Monday's snow storm attacking our suet cake.


  1. I wanna take that bird in and let him fly free in my house! Like at the Home Depot when birds fly inside?!...

    When is spring? The 20th or 21st?..I'm just glad that Easter isn't in March this year. TOO FREAKY.

  2. Jen, Spring starts on the 20th. I'm coordinating our Spring Equinox service and it's going to be on the 20th, also.

  3. COOL! Stand an egg upright for me, okay?

  4. ah, an optimist! i know it'll get here, but i'm not putting the snow shovel away quite yet.

  5. ha! a good chuckle! ...i don't think i'll look at my woodpeckers the same way again! ;D
    kudos to you for the photo!!