Friday, March 6, 2009

This is What a Prayer Looks Like

After reading about my recent exacer- bations, my sister in Erie, PA, mailed me a prayer blanket that she knitted for me. She said that with every stitch, she blessed me.

But this care package included TWO bags of caramel cremes. Ahhh, I am truly blessed!



  1. Pretty. I'm considering a free knitting class/group that meets every other Friday afternoon at one of our libraries. I'm envious of knitters! Have always wanted to make a scarf.

    I have a hankering for Yodels myself...Hehe..

  2. Joan, That's so nice.

    I crocheted a baby blanket for my first nephew. I had never done that before and put love in every stitch. Maybe I'll make another one someday.

    In college, Ding Dongs were my favorite.

  3. What a beautiful blessing. I enjoy crocheting afgans and I just love the thought of a prayer blanket.

  4. i received a prayer blanket last year from a near stranger at church ~ i was so surprised and touched. there have been many times that i've wrapped myself in the afghan because i wanted the prayer ~ such a comfort!

    your sister is a good example for all of us ;o)

    praying for your speedy and full recovery!

  5. That is beautiful! I need to add caramel cremes to my shopping list! ;-)