Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today I Watched the Wind

Our house backs onto a retention pond for our neighborhood, which collects storm water and filters it before it flows into rivers or streams. When the weather is cool and wet, like today, the pond is full and clear and it looks like a real body of water. These are the days that I love to look out the window of my home office and watch the water.

A Nor’easter is heading our way, so there is a breeze, and the water in the pond is rippling, giving the illusion that the water is part of a grand river, flowing to its home in the ocean.

Two Canadian geese just landed with great fanfare, disturbing the water for a moment. Just for a moment. The geese are coming out of the water, waddling up the bank to our back yard, for millet in the ground feeder that we leave out for the redwing blackbirds.

The pond calms down, and resumes its previous rippling, its virtual journey to some unknown great mother watery home.

I love to watch the play of the air on the water. It distorts reality for a moment. Just for a moment.

And just for a moment I am living in the woods, living “deliberately” like Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond. I am aware of the color of the sky, the presence of the varied birds, the increasing winds foretelling snowfall. But I am also aware of discomfort from spasticity, from heaviness weighing down my body. But that doesn’t bother me for the moment. Just for a moment. I am at peace.

It’s getting dark. Soon will be nightfall and we will be blanketed in snow. The geese will seek refuge somewhere. The water will still. I will nap. All will be well.


  1. Joan,

    This is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for writing it. I'm not thrilled with the snow storm coming our way. This time tomorrow we're supposed to have up to 9 inches of snow....and it's March. I so desperately want spring, but for just a moment I should enjoy the beauty to come. :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely moment.

  3. Joan, you write beautifully! For a moment I had some of your peace. We have red wing black birds we feed and love to watch. I love their song! Thanks for a nice start to my morning.

    Nancy D. (Washington State)

  4. This was lovely. It is important to relish the good moments.

  5. I love your description of nature, I would like to write as beautiful. I love watching the wind.

  6. I get much peace from MS, and life, from nature as well.

  7. I left a comment before but didn't appear, maybe this one gets to you. How inspiring, it is G*d gift to humans all the beautiful colors of birds and the tone of their golden singing.
    Hoboken NJ