Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MSAA's Life Coaching Blog

As some of you know, I went on disability last year. Having been in the workforce for over 30 years, I no longer had career goals, education goals, schedules, and routines. Some would say that is a good thing, but I thrive on goals, objectives, schedules, projects.

When I saw this change coming, I created plans to get involved in volunteer and social organizations, like my church and the various MS support groups. I planned to have regular lunches with friends to stave off isolation.

Unfortunately, the reason that I'm on disability (FATIGUE) became the same reason that I could not carry out my new plans to volunteer and socialize. I was stuck. I was lost. "Now what?" I wondered. "Is this how I have to spend the rest of my life?" I started teetering on the edge of a very deep, very dark pit.

A few months ago I found the MSAA's Life Coach program, a FREE service to assist people with MS. All sessions are conducted over the phone and through e-mail so I don't have to drive. And the coach, Anne Marie, has been WONDERFUL. She continues to help me through this transition in my life, and I'm very grateful. Anne Marie led the recent discussion groups about Asking for Help that we discussed in a recent DE Area MS Chat.

Now she has a blog at http://blog.msassociation.org/ and I encourage everyone to check it out.


  1. Love the name of your blog and I was just approved for disability and discovering the same thing. There are plenty of things I wish I could do but by the time I get out of bed, get the kids off to school and maybe go to the doctor- I've got to take a damn nap. So frustrating!
    Thanks for this resource. I will check it out!

  2. Someone once told me a coach/mentor/therapist (fill in the blank) is there to help us see the painting and cease our constant focus on the palette...glad you have been able to find someone to help lift your gaze.

  3. Hi Melissa, sorry to hear that you've experienced this, especially since you are such a busy (but obviously well organized) perons.

    Hi Cheese, thanks for that analogy!