Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Fun Chat

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to discuss cooling vests, disease modifying drugs (DMDs), the release of the Delaware Anthology "MS = My Success" (more below), and World MS Day. Thanks to Shauna, who made us an international chat just in time for World MS Day. In case you couldn't make it tonight, here's what you missed:

We discussed cooling vests and neck wraps; both have been used with good results. I received a cooling vest in the mail today, and am still getting used to it, so it was helpful to have some people to talk to about this subject.

We had quite a long discussion about DMDs, thanks to Cathy who is an advocate for Tysabri. Then TheQueen stopped by to report on her participation in a trial for oral FTY720, aka Fingolimod (a pill!). And Shauna was in the original trials for Avonex, and continues today as part of the Phase IV, post-marketing, trials.

We talked about the May 27th event to be hosted by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Delaware Chapter to launch the release of its anthology, "MS = My Success, A Collection of writings by Delaware residents living with or otherwise affected by Multiple Sclerosis." This event will include readings by the various authors (including three of tonight's chatters: me, Faith, and Sonia, plus others who weren't at the chat). Event will be at the Newark Public Library, 7-8 pm. Please stop by if you are in the area.

NEXT CHAT: 12 June 2009


  1. I missed the chat tonight. Sounds like it was a good one, and international even. :)

    I was outside feeding a stray kitten in the neighborhood, talking to it, petting it, brushing it, still trying not to get attached. But this cat needs a home and my female cat is furious at smelling him on me. LOL.

    I came in about 9:15 to see if anything was still going on, but alas, no. Even hoped to bring Rob in on the chat tonight, but dinner for us and our nightly visitor won out.

  2. Thank you again, Joan. The anthology sounds very interesting and what a way to commemorate World MS Day. You ladies in Delaware seem so united with your society.

    Good luck with the cooling vest. I'm considering some wrist wraps myself!

  3. I just realized my problem making these chats---Fri. my aide is young and tiny, can't move me much, so I stay off the computer until after 7pm. One day. I get my cooling from my city--Seattle. LOL But I used to wear cooler head wraps at work.

  4. Once again, I feel like a sorry sorority sister missing your chat. One day soon, I shall return...I WILL give you a fair warning though, so you can close shop if necessary. :-)