Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do You Use a Cooling Vest? Please tell...

We've had two hot and humid days, and I'm feeling the effects. My fatigue has been more severe than normal and my right leg feels like a concrete block. NMSS offers tips to stay cool on their web pages as do lots of other MS sites. These tips normally help, but I seem to be struggling more than usual this year, so I've decided finally to get a cooling vest.

But which one to choose?????

The MSAA offers cooling vest kits as part of their Cooling Equipment Distribution Program at no charge, but I don't need the financial help right now, fortunately, so am researching which vest I want to purchase.

There appears to be different type of vests and lots of choices and I'm confused! So if YOU have a vest that YOU like, please tell me about it.




  1. Here's a review of one vest:

  2. I actually googled cooling vests and looked on last summer though I did not purchase one. There are so many to choose from. I'll be interested to see what responses you receive.

    PS - the word verification is "Weeniers" LOL

  3. Hi ;
    I was surfing twitter and trough some pages I saw this case about cooling vests.

    We are expert in that. I'm not marketing here coz we don't sell in US. just wanna give a tip about how to choose a proper cooling vest. ask me directly. also forward it to Anonymous who seems to be a MS patient. bob.livar at gmail

  4. If you visit our site and search "cooling vest" in the search box, you'll find the first result links to details on cooling vests we sell to industrial workers. They're very efficient.

    They can work for heating purposes in cold weather also.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Hello ISC Sales: When I entered cooling vest in the search box as you suggest, I did not see any links to cooling vests for people. I gave up after entry #65.