Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Cool Chat

Thanks to everyone who visited the Delaware Area Multiple Sclerosis Chat room. As promised, it was another cool chat.

"Kathy" reported that the Delaware NMSS chapter has funds for Delaware residents who need assistance in making their homes more accessible. They are also looking for ideas for future programs, so be sure to contact them if you have suggestions.

We talked about health care issues, and the national discussion on the subject. "Cathy" from Wisconsin was able to watch Obama's Green Bay town hall meetings on the subject (check out her thoughts at her blog). Northern Delaware has formed an action team in response to the National Health Care Day of Service and is planning a walk on June 27th at Paper Mill Park to draw attention to the need for health care reform. We'll definitely have to keep up on this subject (hmmm... maybe a topic for a future chat?).

We did chat a lot about cooling vests, neck wraps, wrist wraps, misters, fans, things that work, things that don't work, and other ideas for staying cool. I'm getting used to using my cooling vest, and feel it was worth the investment. "Lanette" loves her best cooling device ever, her neck wrap.

And yes, we served lots of virtual frozen drinks to make sure that we all stayed very, very cool!

NEXT CHAT: 26 June 2009



  1. Heya, Joan:

    Sorry I missed it (again)...had to go to work so I could add some more money to the Social Security fund, which I will probably never retire and receive!

    Always interested to read what your latest adventures/chats are about.