Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Well! Back to Normal...

I'm back to my "baseline" energy level (which isn't much). Sigh. The day started out okay, but then I slowly descended into the concrete pit early this afternoon. Of course, I continued to push myself (you do, too, and you know it). Around 5pm I couldn't get out of the chair (fortunately, it was a comfy chair).

Oh well! Having lots of energy was nice while it lasted. But now I'm paying for using a week's worth of spoons in one day.

Ironically, I attended an MSAA Life Coaching teleconference on Fatigue this afternoon. It didn't help relieve my fatigue, but it reminded me not to be hard on myself when it hits. I'm not lazy. I'm not a bad person. I just have MS.


  1. Boy could I relate to this one! Trying to take advantage of the energy bursts (Solumedrol induced and otherwise) but not do so much that I shoot myself in the foot for the following day is always a challenge. Those damn spoons! :;-)
    Lazy Julie

  2. Joan, the spoon theory is the best explanation of how this feels that I have ever read. Thank you. I'm going to share it with all those close to me - I've never been able to explain. Nancy D.

  3. Joan,
    My husband tells me that when I am complaining about being so fatigued. "You do have MS"
    Can't forget it for a second.LOL
    Take care and rest today.

  4. And the other shoe drops... I am trying to figure out how much down time I need following each activity. My rule is no more than three energy-consuming activities a day. As much as possible, I need to set aside at least 2 hours for down time where I read, nap or do something quiet by myself. I have been learning that the minute I violate this protocol, I pay in fatigue and illness. I hope there is a baseline for you too and that you can find it. BTW, I have stopped pushing through unless I am absolutely obligated. Please treat yourself to the rest when you need it.

  5. P.S. The spoon theory actually brought me to tears even though I live by it. I amy have to share this with some other poeple as well. Thanks for linking it. Hopefully you will wake up with a whole new handful of spoons.