Friday, June 26, 2009

Well, that WAS completely different

Thanks to all the chatters who popped in Friday night for a very different MS chat. Because the topic was "open," the discussions were all over the place (about MS and not about MS), and got a bit heavy and times. But it was good to connect with friends and share deep thoughts and laughs in a safe chat room.

Next chat 10 July: The chat room will celebrate its 1st anniversary!



  1. Wish I could've come back to a full room, Joan (not that I mind just chatting with you..) But alas: the crazy rain/thunder/lightning we've been having non-stop for 3 weeks got in the way. Sounds like it was good, as always. Also saw Taggie and was glad she was no longer missing in action.

    The thunder is rumbling again and I'm thinking of building an ark soon.


  2. Yes, Jen, I'm back and not an MIA anymore......L@U!!! We missed you and I'm sorry about all the rain you're getting, but better you than me! j/k Make room for all us chatters from the Delaware chat on that ark!!

    You missed a really interesting, informative chat tonight, Jen. Joan did a great job, as always. Ask her about it, I'm sure she'd be happy to fill you in. :o)

    It was so nice to meet Sonia, Cathy, and Susan.

    Glad to be back!


  3. Joan:

    I am bummed I missed the chat also. Took a Xanax for anxiety at 4pm and I slept through the whole chat! BUMMER! Sounds like I missed a good one! Well next time then...