Monday, June 15, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Today, I feel much better than yester- day! I don't know how long this will last, so I am NOT taking this wonderful day for granted. Of course, I'm using this energy to do chores. "Oh what fun it is to clean..." Feel free to finish that song with lyrics of your choice!

Thanks for all the support I received for my "cement" day, yesterday. The comments got me through that mess.



  1. YAY! Joan! WOOT!

    I'm such a dork that I'll continue talking to you and Lisa here (I DO love to chat, you know.) I also got a negative urine specimen, Lisa. So they're letting it brew some more, and phoning me back in a few days. I might be "sollying" with you shortly...BIG SIGH....

    ***I have to tell you that my nether regions are burning right now. I feel like Lindsay Lohan the fire crotch, but for OTHER reasons. (Sorry Joan. You know I can't edit myself and I just wanna make you laugh a bit... : )

    YAY Joan! Team Joan! Chores are GREAT! Not....

  2. Oh what fun it is to clean the bathroom every day! Not