Sunday, July 19, 2009

All's Well, but...

...I just don't have a lot of energy. Same old story, but the fatigue has become extreme! In fact, it got so bad that I just wanted to die. No, I'm not suicidal, I just felt so lousy that I just kept hoping to die.

Yes, I'm seeing doctors now, lots of them. I started an antidepressant, so I no longer want to die but the fatigue is slightly worse. I just don't seem to care as much. It will take a few weeks for my system to adjust to the meds.

As always, when I have a "fatigue exacerbation" as I call them, the doctors want to rule out EVERYTHING else so I've had lots of blood work and diagnostic tests. So here's the status:

I have a Vitamin D deficiency, so have doubled my dose of Vitamin D supplements plus I sit in the sun for a while every morning before the rays get too strong or hot. (Please, no lectures about the danger of sun exposure, I am already aware of it and I don't sit out that long.)

My last MRI showed lesions on my thyroid. Although the blood work showed normal thyroid levels, I'm seeing an endocrinologist in a few weeks.

Just in case this is MS Fatigue (and I'm taking bets if you want to get in on the action) and just in case some doctor would want to start me on IV steroids, I had a bone density scan which showed my levels very close to osteoporosis, so I'm going to start meds for that soon.

In the midst of all this nonsense, I just want to hide for a while. Everything is exhausting except watching the Tour de France.

So I'm really looking forward to the upcoming chat this Friday! I'll be able to connect with people. I hope you can join, too!


  1. Hang in there and I won't take that bet. You know, sometimes we forget how much work our bodies do "behind the scenes" to keep us alive. Regardless of MS, meds mixed together strains our bodies, worry and frustration (ie "feeling exhausted") can cause fatigue! And the thyroid---notorious for screwing up our energy. Head pat.

  2. Dear joanie,

    I always wish I could inject you (& me) with "eau de child" energy! I am sending you tons of love & light!

    I'm also watching the "Tour DAY France" (the DAY per Bob Roll of VERSUS!). I am amazed with how they have the energy to bike for two does the conversation keep gettng back to energy?!

    I hope someone is feeding you...sorry i live so stinkin' far away...

    Love & Blessings...Susie

  3. I'll be heading to Syracuse this Friday, Joan (one of 2 family reunions this month.) I'll miss ya and will be sending you mega-energy waves, for what it's worth.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I think both the vitamin D and the thyroid could be adding to your fatigue. I will never minimize the role MS plays in fatigue becuase it is a big problem for me too but I think those other factors are at work too.

  5. I hope it passes soon Joan. Getting an endocrinologist to check things out sounds like a good idea. I have a post it note on my puter screen reminding me of the Friday chats...and I'm sure you can hear me swear from there every Friday night when I realized I missed it again. I keep tryin'

  6. Joan,
    So sorry the extreme fatigue has its grasp on you. Hopefully the increased Vit. D will help. Hoping you have an energy lift very soon.