Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Last May, we lost a tree to a tropical storm. On Sunday, we lost half of another tree to a more localized storm - one of those summer afternoon thunderstorms with severe winds. When we bought this house, there were four trees in the back yard. Believe it or not, beavers took down one of the trees many years ago. Of the four, only one is still intact. The birds are not happy.

Yesterday (Monday) was the hottest day of the year, and The Husband chopped up the tree limbs to take to the yard waste recycling site. I was able to help with two truck loads, then the heat took its toll on me.

This morning (slightly cooler), we finished raking the last bits of the tree and began putting the bigger pieces of wood in our neighbor's yard (they have a wood burning stove) when both of us were bit/stung by bees. TWICE each. He got bit/stung first, then I got bit/stung twice and the bee continued to attack me. I yelled for help, and he came to help and got bit/stung again. So we both have two bites/stings. OW!


  1. So sad your trees are coming down. Will you plant more?

    And you probably were stung by wasps or hornets, not bitten by bees. Small comfort, I know. I wonder if you hadn't inadvertently disturbed a hive close by....


  2. Ah, Shauna, I can always count on you to set me straight! These were ground-burrowing bugs. They were yellow. Any ideas?

  3. Joan, it is sad to be losing trees from one's yard. I can't believe you were out in this heat. I'm usually not affected by the heat & humidity but I was this time! I do hope you and hubby, are okay. Did you put baking soda paste or toothpaste on your stings?

    It sounds like yellow jackets, Joan, as they nest in the ground and can become aggressive when disturbed. The nest remains active for only one summer, then the queen flies away to start new colonies and the remaining wasps die off, & the nest is not used again. I learned something about these pests on my job.

    Thanks for sharing, Joan, now stay out of trouble, will you!!


  4. I can't believe we were out in the heat either! I did use my cooling vest. I kept begging The Husband to stop and wait one day, but he "got a bee up his butt" as they say and just HAD to work on removing the tree remains. So I stopped when I had had enough but he just continued on his own. I kept taking water out to him, though.