Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Day After All

This started out as one of those days - a sumo wrestler sitting on my body when I woke up. I was very, very tired and very, very grumpy.

But I had coffee with a girlfriend at 10:30-ish (I had apple-pie-flavored coffee, yum!), went home and took a very long nap, then went to dinner with my book group. The food was terrible but the conversation was great. I wouldn't have gone because I was so fatigued, but they all sent e-mails encouraging me to show up. Plus, I had nothing for dinner anyway.

So although the day started out lousy, it was a nice day after all. But only because of the kindness of friends. Now, can someone send me more spoons...


  1. Ah, I'm so glad your day turned from bad to good! Makes my day feel better too. What book are you guys reading?


  2. Not a spoon to spare in the whole house but I'll send some once I get better myself.

    I'm glad that you ended up having a good day with your friends. Hang in there. We are in this together.

  3. Ok, since I don't have class until 6pm tonite I opted to rest today and ship you 3 extra spoons. Hope they help! :)

  4. The coffee sounds great. Sometimes getting out of the house when you really don't want to is exactly what you need.