Sunday, September 27, 2009

Changing of the Guard

The summer clothes have been washed, ready to be put away.

Where once there were cheese and fruit plates for dinner, now there are hot soups and casseroles.

Pansies have replaced petunias.

Time to set up the light box to ward of seasonal affective disorder that comes when daylight savings time ends in November, and review energy management techniques for the upcoming holidays.

Although Autumn came a few weeks ago, it is beginning to feel like it. Welcome, October.

PS. I took this photo with my Olympus camera that lets me get close ups of cute things.


  1. I'm enjoying the change of season here, Joan. I don't like the dead of winter, but I do appreciate fall and all its glory. And I've noticed that pansies are being sold around here--- I never knew these flowers thrived in autumn. Learned something new from ya! :)

  2. The air has changed to fall here in TN, though none of the leaves are changing yet...will be end of Oct till that starts. I do love the fall though, I could do without winter though..maybe like 1 month of winter where we have 2 big snows and then spring! LOL :)

  3. Yeah, we don't have such true seasons in southeast Texas. The high is 72 today and I am rejoicing. I can finally get outside and be comfortable. And not fall. Have a good day!