Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stress Testing My New Ride

Last week, I received my new "rollator, " a blue walker with big wheels and a seat. I decided to get this when I realized that I've become terrified of leaving the house due to my unpredictable and severe fatigue. I was avoiding any activity other than a grocery store or doctor's office. This assistive device is helping me to overcome my fear by providing me a place to sit when I get tired.

So yesterday, we took it to Fort Delaware State Park on Pea Patch island to stress test what I've affectionately named "The Rollinator." Wow! This is terrific! I was able to sit as soon as I felt tired, over and over again. It gave me more support than a cane when I started having trouble walking. The bigger wheels survived the wooden walkways, gravel, grass, bricks, stones, and a few musket shots.

However, I learned that "handicapped accessible" is relative. This fort was built after the War of 1812 on an island in the Delaware River and is only accessible by boat. It housed prisoners during the Civil War. Obviously it was not designed for the disabled. They have done a great job trying to make it accessible, but it wasn't easy to get around. We often had to pick up the walker to get over thresholds, and I couldn't go to the second or third floors of the main building. But the rollator did enable me to visit something I wouldn't have gone to otherwise.


  1. I'm so happy for you, Joan. I'm glad this is giving you some freedom. My friend JoAnn and I want to come visit you for the day soon (she has a relative in Del. herself.)

    I know about the fear. I get antsy when I go somewhere that hasn't got a bathroom nearby. Almost panic attack level. Hopefully this device will open you up to new activities, which you SO DESERVE.



  2. Wow....looking slick there, chickie. Being able to sit as soon as you need to, what a great concept. I'm so glad that you may be getting out and about more.

  3. I am so happy for you Joan. I have a rollator walker too and it is wonderful for all the reasons you have mentioned. That must have been a great outing. :-)