Saturday, November 21, 2009


The Husband and I have a morning ritual, which I love. He reads me interesting news articles from the morning newspapers while we both drink coffee and eat breakfast (and take medications). This morning, he read a letter to Dear Abby or someone from a husband who wanted to know how to tell his wife that she's a lousy cook. Good cuts of meat come out burned or tough like shoe leather. Of course, I was convinced that HE wrote the letter, which he didn't (at least not this one) and we both had a good laugh.

We have a lovely Dutch Country Farm Market nearby, where a group of Pennsylvania Dutch travel to Delaware from Lancaster to sell great meats, cheeses, baked goods, etc. When I go to that market, I buy everything and leave smiling. This weekend, I bought a bone-in chicken breast and searched the internet for ideas for baking it. I found what sounded like a great recipe - first brown the skin in butter before baking the chicken breast. It would make the chicken nice and tender. Sounds good to me!

At this point I need to mention that we have very sensitive smoke detectors in our house, which will go off when we make toast. Of course, that point is irrelevant for this story, so maybe this is a red herring. Maybe not.

Yes, those of you who understand foreshadowing know where this story is going. Remember the letter in the morning paper?

The buttery chicken breast, once in the oven, spit that butter all over the oven, and soon the oven was smoking and the smoke alarms were blaring. I opened all the windows and turned on all the fans. Ironically, The Husband was napping (he claims) and says he did not hear the alarms (he claims). The jury is still out. I think he was writing a letter to Dear Abby.

The chicken had not finished cooking, but I couldn't stand the noise and smoke any longer so decided to pull it out of the oven, pop open a bottle of wine and finish off the Oreos. Oreos and Beaujolais makes a great dinner.



  1. Lololol.....Oreos and Beaujolais. Love it!


  2. Please, please, PLEASE just bake a chicken in its own juices, Joan!

    LOL....Hope you're feelin' okay (I'm imagining the wine helped ;)

  3. Now this would make a great skit for the infamous George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, Joan! I was picturing George & Gracie in my head as I read your story. I'm still laughing and would have loved to have been a fly on your kitchen wall, watching & listening to you and hubby in action! lol You two are a riot!!

  4. Say Goodnight Gracie!

    My favorite comedy team of all time.