Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It was Inevitable

I had an early doctor appointment this morning, and stopped for coffee and newspapers on the way home. I left the cane in the car because I can't use it when both hands are full. As usual, I was a little unsteady. I stumbled and a man said, "Are you drunk?"

Been there?



    Sorry, Joan....That's priceless! So far I've been under the radar with this one (or I am, in fact, drunk!)

  2. It's so good to find the humor in living with helps so much to not take other peoples honest ignorance to could that man have possibly have guessed you had MS if the only other people in his life who fell over invisible objects were drunk...if he never met anyone with MS?

    I just discovered your site through Lisa's this morning...great blog!

  3. Jen, you are a stitch!
    Thanks, Laura, and you are correct that he couldn't know. And it's nice to meet you.