Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Who are you people????

Each day, I check a map that shows the geographic location of recent hits to my blog. Each red circle represents the location of a person (or server or robot) who opened a page on my blog. These are pictures from different days, and are just a sampling. I suspect that hits from Israel are the Teva Neuroscience people checking up on me (don't want bad press about their drug). Others are just puzzling. But it's darn fun just practicing my geography.

Who are you???


  1. I'm a graduate student Pittsburgh, PA, waiting to find out if I have MS or not. Your blog is one of several I've been following as I deal with this looming possibility. Thanks for writing. :)


  2. That's awesome! How do you do that? I live near Green Bay, Wisconsin and I follow your blog through Twitter. My husband Tim was diagnosed with MS in 2000. His problems are primarily cognitive, so we started our own blog about how we deal with all the cognitive stuff, Thoughts on the MS Cognitive Meltdown. We've only been posting since November and I'm always looking for interesting stuff to link to. Thanks for sharing your story and your maps!

  3. And I read it because I am always amazed by how much you do and find it inspiring.

  4. Hi, I'm in Central PA, I'm 46 and newly diagnosed and still trying to make sense of everything. I have been enjoying your blog, and keep meaning to try to join one of the chat's. For some reason I've had one conflict or another (or plain forgetfulness) with the Friday evenings that you've had chats since I found your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Well it is nice to meet all of you! Hang in there.

  6. I'm from Seattle! Yay! I stop by almost every Driday night after the chat has ended because I am too stoopid to get the East Coast West Coast time thing in my shrinking brain! LOL I wonder too---who ARE some of the hits? Accidents? People with MS? CIA?


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