Friday, January 22, 2010

Results of Latest MS Chat

My thanks to the seven people who visited the Multiple Sclerosis Chat room last Friday to discuss self-advocacy, or being the "squeaky wheel." We reviewed notes from the NMSS page that gives tips for standing up for yourself. As always, we discussed a variety of other topics and had more than a few laughs.

We had tasty "virtual" treats courtesy of Nancy D, who always brings the best imaginary food. Kathy (the 'rebif' Kathy) visited after a long respite, and it was good to reconnect with her. Welcome back, Kathy!

Lisa stopped by to tell us about the newly-FDA-approved oral medication by Acorda called Ampyra, which is approved to treat mobility problems. This is NOT an oral disease-modifying drug (DMD), unfortunately; rather it is approved for treating one symptom. Details are outlined in her blog at
Brass and Ivory Be sure to check it out.

Susan has a personal assistant that she found through Griswold Special Care in Wilmington. Griswold is a national non-medical home care company, and details can be found on their web page at

Sonia found a personal trainer through her physical therapist, and it seems to be helping her. This is definitely a good thing to look into.

We send our healing thoughts to Dreamer, who is recovering from a bicycle accident. Sadly, her accident happened while she was training for the MS bike fundraiser coming in a few months.

Also, healing thoughts go to Gina, who is struggling with mini-strokes.

Thanks again to everyone for a fun, informative chat.

Next chat: Feb 12 - Virtual Valentine's Party. Virtual chocolate is welcome.



  1. So sorry I missed you again. Again, I was overcome by sleep after a long week. Story of my life lately...

  2. Hi Joan,
    Please come by my blog and pick up your award.