Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bloggers and Chatters Meet Face to Face!

From left to right:  Jen (of MS Strength blog), Sonia (a regular at the Delaware Area MS Chats) and Lisa (of Brass and Ivory blog among others) joined me for the first annual Mid-Atlantic Bloggers and Chatters Lunch at my house. Okay, maybe I just made up the name, but we had such a good time we decided we will get together again. This is the first time some of us have met in person, but it felt like we grew up together.  Web interactions are great, but will never replace the connections that come from sharing a meal, a drink, and a laugh in person.  



  1. You all look great! It's great that you could all get together. I really like the MS Blogs and your Chat room. It's great for MS Support and ideas. :)

  2. I had a GREAT TIME!! Thanks so much for hosting us and we will definitely have to do it again. It was wonderful to meet folks in person, and I agree, Joan, that it was a friggin' big deal. :)

  3. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you again, Joan, and we ARE compatible in person- YAY!!


  4. that is very cool.

    I have sat in on a couple of the chats - mean to stop in more often somehow life tends to interupt. But I have enjoyed the ones I joined in on. Very informative and I like that it is interactive.

    I feel I know some of your "participants" (Guests?) from their blogs - (Lisa and Jen). So I feel like I sort of "know" them as well. I have several blogs I follow and read on an almost daily basis (wish I could find the same dedication to post in a more routine manner on my own.) For me, the blogs are a way to learn more about this disease I just learned I have (dx Oct 09) and be able to feel not so all alone. I have found several of the blogs that also appeal because I get a sense of the person behind the words, and enjoy hearing the stories and/or find informative information. To all of you - great job!

    It is also so great that those of you that have been blogging and/or chatting together for some time could actually get together in person and put faces and voices to words and online persona's. I'm sure it was like meeting old friends even if it was the first time in person.

    whose ever idea it was - cudo's.