Monday, April 12, 2010

Bull's Eye!

Last week, during our hot spell, I scratched my leg and pulled off what I thought was a dangling scab.  When the scab started to move, I realized that I had pulled a tick out of my leg.

A few days later, a very tiny bull's eye mark appeared at the site of the bite (a sign of Lyme's disease).  Yes, I saw a doctor today.  Yes, she confirmed that it's a bull's eye.  Yes, she confirmed that I was bitten by a tick (I still had the tiny beast locked away for dissection if needed).Yes, I started on antibiotics. 

No, I do not have any symptoms.  No, I don't have fever, itching, sore throat, abdominal problems, joint aches.  No, the spot's not itchy and it's not very big (maybe a few centimeters across).  No, I don't know where the tick came from or how I got it. 

Have a great day, everyone, and watch out for ticks and bull's eye rashes!



  1. Yikes!! Hope the rash goes away quickly and more importantly that the antibiotics do what they're supposed to do. I hadn't even started thinking about ticks yet this year.

  2. Oy......did you take a picture of the little bug? (Please say yes....)


  3. Eeeeeuuuuwwwww! Glad you got the little bugger!

  4. No picture, Shauna, my camera doesn't have a microscope lens! LOL!. It was such a tiny thing.

  5. Joan,

    I, too, hope you were successful in getting all that "invader" out of your bod! I'll pray you did and the medicine kills it completely!!! Take care, my friend, and keep us informed. How soon will you know and how will they know if you're okay? ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

  6. Hiya,

    first off, I don't think of myself as a squeally ALL-CAPS kind of girl, but I must say -


    I used to go camping often with my school when I was a kid, and if one person had a tick, I would have SIX. If two people had a tick, I would have THIRTY-SIX.

    The prefered method of removal was to touch it on the "rump? area" with a just-blown-out match-head, still very hot, making the tick flee with the nasty little stinger connected & not left in your body.

    Back then I never heard of Lyme Disease, which I hear
    IS VERY SIMILAR TO MS IN PRESENTATION ? ? ? -- so you might never "KNOW?"

    But we had Rocky Mountain Tick Fever, so everybody was pretty careful to check each other for ticks (oh, we were all hippies; it was a "Free School" named Strawberry Fields, and we would examnine each-other or ourselves quite freely for any medical reason).

    Is "presentation," the right word? If it is, I must have heard it on a TV show, I have no idea what I was intending to write about, or what you had orignallly posted.

    Sigh... Messie-brains....
    - Lorraine

    PS, I haven't been a "girl," for ages. - 47 yr old, you're welcome.

    PPS, I suppose some of that "examining" was out of curiosity? It did seem very mature to be so practical, but now I wonder?

    PPPS, and what about all these "P's?" What is that all about? Post-Post Script? ANYWAY, I am SO GLAD you don't have a picture - I just had an encounter with a waterbug two days ago, and I'm still imagining how terrifying it looked!

    squeal! SQUEAL IN ALL-CAPS!
    AGH -


  7. oh, OH!
    - and best luck w/ the inti-B's, naturally!