Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enjoyed the Masters Golf Tournament

No, I'm not a golfer.  I agree with Mark Twain that "golf is a good walk spoiled." I've never understood the desire to get a little ball in a little hole all the way down there by whacking it with a stick.

But I enjoy watching golf on TV.  I have a secret crush on Phil Mickelson, but don't tell his wife (who is battling cancer).  I was touched when he kissed Amy and hugged his kids when he won.

"So why this post?" you wonder.  I love LISTENING to the Masters.  I'm trying to learn to identify birds by their songs, and The Masters offers a great opportunity to practice.  While the commentators are chatting about birdies and eagles, I'm listening to the chirps and trills in the backround.  So far I've been able to identify an Ovenbird (I've never seen one), Tufted Titmouse, Cardinal, Woodpecker, Blue Jay.  I'm still learning, and it's a lot of fun!

Have a good week, everyone!


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