Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to find the Wheeler's Wobblers Team Captain at Saturday's MS Walk

Need to find me on Saturday at the Wilmington, Delaware, MS Walk at Frawley Stadium?  Look for this contraption.

Tedd, aka the Husband, "pimped my ride" and spiffed up the rollator. He created the Wheeler's Wobblers sign, and got creative with tie wraps.

Terri O., a dear friend who now lives in Colorado and I miss dearly, made the JW penant years ago when she and her husband did an MS Walk with Tedd and me in Columbia, Maryland. It is sitting high on the rollator.

Thanks to Karen K., the MS Walk Teams Coordinator, for sending me the MS tote bag and socks after I whined a bit. Thanks to the Embroidery Store at Christiana Mall for giving me a discount on the Wheeler's Wobblers hats.

You should have no trouble finding me on Saturday! - Joan


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  1. I love it!! You are rockin' it, lady. Have a great walk. :)