Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks Friday MS Chatters!

Thanks to the chatters who visited last Friday’s Delaware-area multiple sclerosis chat.

It was a night of information and encouragement (we skipped the planned topic in favor of exercise and travel topics). Along with five Delaware people (Susan, Barb, Hope, Kathy, Joan), we hosted five out-of-staters. A newcomer, Brian from western PA, joined the party. Our favorite MS caregiver, Carla from Florida, and some other cherished bloggers (Denver, Jen, Cathy) came, too.

Hope from Newark, DE, told us about the MS Aquatics program that recently started at the Bear (Delaware) YMCA. She was so enthusiastic about the program that Susan and I promised to sign up. Susan agreed to be my exercise buddy to encourage me to actually show up. Thanks Susan and Hope.

Anyone who lives near Bear, Delaware, is encouraged to join us; the more the merrier and the guiltier I’ll feel if I don’t show up. Contact the Delaware MS Society at 302-655-5610 for more information.

Cathy from Wisconsin (Navigating the Journey of MS blogger) is featured in the Spring 2010 edition of MS Focus, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s magazine. Her article, “European Vacation with and Exacerbation: It Takes Determination” is very encouraging, especially to people like me who have become reluctant to travel. It’s a nice article with lots of beautiful pictures. Just a plug, Cathy is also the owner of the MS Shoppe, an on-line store to get cooling products and cool T-shirts (I own a few). Go to 

Be sure to read your Summer 2010 NMSS Momentum magazine’s Research Now section for updates on some of our prior chat topics including CCSVI, Vitamin D, and red wine. Okay, we just drink virtual red wine… (PS – see quote from my writing on page 65).



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