Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Delaware Area MS Chat: On Summer Break

Hello Chatters!

The Delaware Area MS Chat will take a break for the summer. Next moderated chat will be 9 September.

If someone wants to host a chat, or if people want to get together to chat without a host, the chat room is always available for anyone to use.

In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys the summer. I'll see you in September.

1 comment:

  1. Loving the chat room options! really good to see people working together and making sure that people can contact and communicate and not suffer alone.

    I just wondered if any of your readers etc would be interested in an Multiple Sclerosis sufferer from Norwich, England!

    I found your blog when searching for similar blogs to my aunties and thought you or your readers might be interested in taking a look. It is called Bette Bravo (named after their dog) and it has information and lifestyle tips about MS and the new CCSVI treatment available

    She lives in Norwich, England and suffers from Primary Progressive MS. She has had it for a good few years now but as a child i didnt really notice, it is only as i have got older that i realised she was suffering - she always seems to have a smile on her face, which humbled me with her braveness! You reminded me of her! She is currently waiting for the treatment CCSVI in Poland - apparently it is not available in the UK yet but if tests are positive they may roll it out here.

    As she says, this could be the beginning of a cure for this disease.

    Has any of your readers/ chatters had this procedure? Would love to hear your stories and experiences!

    We have every finger and toe crossed for improvement! She is having the operation in August and she is uploading a lot of videos to show her condition before and after the op. She is rather technically impaired hence why I am contacting you, but she would love to hear from you and your experiences and if you would like to know more about CCSVI please please get in contact.

    Kind regards and best wishes