Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is This My Gethsemane?

I am about to make a big change in my MS therapy. 

Tomorrow, I am starting a medication (Gilenya - in case you haven't been following this thread) that will free me from daily injections.  This medication supposedly will keep more of my lymphocytes in the lymph nodes instead of out in my blood stream where they can wreak havoc with my brain, spinal cord, or optic nerve.  It is supposed to decrease the number of flairs and decrease disability.

I have less than twelve hours before I swallow my first pill and I am having doubts. Now, this is a normal reaction whenever I make a big decision (like when I buy a new car or shoes). 

Too many variables: will the drug work? will I have any adverse reaction? will I lose any of my superpowers that an immune system in overdrive gives me?  It comforts me that all the great people throughout history - like Spiderman and Superman - have had their moments of doubt, too.

It will all be okay - my Spidey sense tells me so.

Next: First Dose Observation



  1. I feel the same way when I made the decision to start GIleyna. It kinda seems too good to be true. Almost like it is a magic pill. I hope your observation goes well.

  2. I sure hope it goes well for you today, Joan. We will be anxious to hear and hoping for amazing results!

    Nancy D

  3. I trust your "spidey sense". I will send you love & healing energy...Blessed Be...