Sunday, October 21, 2012

So I'm Playing This PC Game...

So I’m playing this PC game. 

It’s a “hidden objects” game where I go into rooms of a mansion and find hidden coins and specific objects to sell.  I get more money the faster I find things or solve puzzles. The money is used to buy objects to fix up my garden.   So I finally finish fixing up the garden, then am told that I did a great job and my garden won first prize.  But the game lets me keep playing, going into rooms to find hidden objects and rack up points.  And I keep playing, wondering what is supposed to happen next.  I know where everything is in the rooms; know how to solve the puzzles.  But nothing else happens.  I keep going into the rooms, wandering around the completed garden, but the story and challenge are over.  It’s pointless now.

So I’m living this life. 

I’ve gone through all the rooms and completed my goals.  I keep playing, wondering what is supposed to come next...


  1. So you move on to a new game that will spark your interest. This game is symbollic of life,it is only a moment of the overall journey. So you discover something that offers you another juicy bite of life! The Chopra Center is offering a 21 day Meditation Challenge beginning November 5th, for free. Sounds True & hay House offer interesting courses. I sent you a link of the course on Compassion, also free. Read a book by Sark. Reach out... Allow life to guide you to the next part of the journey. Love & Blessings...Susie

  2. Susie, I'm glad you saw the symbolism in my post.

  3. There are times when we realize we need new purpose or an expansion of an old one. Maybe it's time to look for things for a gazebo.

    Maybe it's time to look outside rather than in rooms. At some point, most of us decide to take a moment or years to simply look at our garden with all we have brought to it. From there, we can decide what is still needed.

    Good luck. I think a sense of purpose is the single most important goal anyone can have. It's just more obvious for those of us with chronic conditions like MS.

  4. Hi there - I am a writer with looking for someone with MS who can talk or email with me about sensory overload (eg lights too bright, sounds too loud) and how our readers can cope with it when it happens to them. Love your blog but I couldn't tell if this is a symptom for you. If so, please let me know ( and let me know if you'd be willing to be interviewed. Deadline is Dec 5.