Friday, May 30, 2014

Thank You, Healthline, For Selecting Mine as One of the Best MS Blogs for 2014

The Best MS Blogs of 2014

Thank you,, for selecting A Short in the Cord as one of the Best MS Blogs of 2014.  

I'm flattered by the description:
"Joan Wheeler is the woman behind A Short in the Cord. She was diagnosed with MS 27 years ago, and her blog chronicles her experiences with relapsing-remitting MS. Wheeler recognizes the challenges that come with living with MS, but also maintains that staying active and aware is key to health.
Wheeler is a disability awareness advocate, and she’s captain of the MS Walk Team Wheeler’s Wobblers. Their tagline is “Wheelers wobble but don’t fall down, thanks to your support.” Wheeler has contributed to the MS community for a long time, and her posts are worth a read."
 There are a lot of good options, and I'm honored that my blog was one of the chosen. This year, they have selected more blogs, many from new bloggers, and they are all worth a look. Be sure to check out these other great blogs at


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