Saturday, September 20, 2014

I'd Rather Be a Bimbo

Before the recent NFL domestic abuse problems were uncovered, I had already decided to limit watching NFL games.  I still enjoy the game, but I just got sick of all the commercials.  The play stops for booth reviews and measurements and lots more commercials.  Then there's the bone-crunching sounds from players smashing into each other.  And then more commercials.  Then pans of mostly naked women shaking pom-poms on the sidelines.  Crunch, commercials, repeat.  Superbowl? Who cares about the game, we want to watch the commercials!

Now with the NFL's lame plan to develop decent behavior rules by the END of this season, I'm certain that it's time to switch loyalties to soccer.  It should not take months to implement rules to stop beating women.  I can write up a process in a minute.  "Don't beat up anyone (including women) or you're fired." 

The NFL need look no further than Major League Soccer, which has instituted an outreach program called MLS WORKS, and a public service message called "Don't Cross the Line."  They challenge everyone to take this pledge:

"I pledge to treat others with dignity and respect and will not tolerate discrimination, bias, prejudice or harassment of any kind."

Even more appealing to me is that in soccer there are 45+ minutes of uninterrupted constant action, then halftime commercials, then 45+ minutes of action in the second half. 

Oh yes, here's an explanation of this post's title:  
The Philadelphia Union Major League Soccer Team has a corporate sponsor, "Bimbo," an international Mexican-owned baking company. You might be more familiar with some of their brands:  Sara Lee, POM, Entenmann's, or Arnold. It makes an awkward t-shirt in this country, unfortunately, and I'm sure they are not a perfect company. But I'd rather be a Bimbo and support Major League Soccer, than sit through another season of NFL commercial fests and listen to another NFL player beating up someone and getting slapped on the wrist.


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