Friday, March 13, 2015

A Challenge From Wheeler's Wobblers

Hello readers of A Short in the Cord,

If you follow my MS Walk Team, Wheeler's Wobblers, on Facebook, you already know that I've issued a challenge for Saturday, March 14th: 

On Saturday (3-14-15), let's get 3.14 people to join the team for Wilmington (Delaware) MS Walk coming up on April 11.

OR let's get 314 people to make a donation ($3.14, $31.41, $314, $3,141, or any other number of choice). Rounding UP is acceptable.

Let's see if we can get $314 in donations on Saturday. Can you join in the challenge?

Happy Pi Day! Wobble on...

To join or donate, go to:

PS - I don't remember where I got this graphic, so if you know the source please help me to give credit.

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